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Flirting by text message is the modern love letter.Flirting by text message is the modern love letter.

People have written love letters to their sweethearts for years. Text flirting is just a modern twist on a romance classic. Whether you're starting off a new relationship or adding a touch of spice to an old one, flirting via text is a good way to connect with someone. Successful flirting using text messages can depend on a number of things.

Be Clear

Text messages have a word limit, which means that many people develop the habit of using abbreviations for text chat. It is essential, however, when flirting via text that you keep your messages clear and concise. The person receiving your texts may have no idea what all the different abbreviations mean, resulting in them not understanding what you are trying to say.


When flirting via text, keep it fun and light-hearted. Humor is a great ice breaker for people who may not know each other all that well. Gentle teasing, jokes and even being suggestive can all work well as long as you keep it subtle. Avoid being negative, having a good old rant about friends or work will give the impression that you are hard to please. Avoid asking them to text back or questioning them on when you can meet. Getting too serious too quickly can make them think that you are clingy and possibly even desperate.


The timing of your texts can be crucial, do not assume that the person is waiting around for you to text. Allow for them being at work, where they may not have access to their cell phone or may not be allowed to use it. Sending a text late at night is also best avoided, nobody likes being woken up. Use common sense and text when you believe they are most likely to be able to answer.


When talking to a person face to face, you rely on their tone of voice, and facial expression to help you understand what they are saying. The use of emoticons in a text message can help get your meaning across. A smiley face after a joke or suggestive comment lets the person know that you are not being serious. While over-using emoticons is not recommended, they can help prevent misunderstandings and even embarrassment.

Know When to Stop

If the person, you have sent a text message does not respond, do not send any more. If they are busy, they will text you back. If you keep on sending messages, you risk annoying the person, and this could result in them not answering at all. If they want to talk, they will reply when they are able to. If they do not want to talk, there is no sense embarrassing yourself by sending further messages. Flirting by text, as in reality, should be fun and not too serious.

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