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Speed DatingSpeed Dating

Speed dating is a fun and easy way to meet people. During the process you spend one-on-one time with possible suitors for an allotted amount of time and fill out a compatibility sheet. If two people have selected each other as matches, their information is forwarded to one another.


Speed dating has become increasingly popular over the years. It's a matchmaking process that allows you to meet a number of different people within a short span of time. There are speed dating events for everyone and you can find the one that is right for you by reviewing the criteria. The criteria consist of different age brackets and the sex of the person that you are seeking. For example, there are speed dating events for women seeking men, men seeking women, men seeking men and women seeking women. The events are additionally broken into age brackets: One event may be for men and women ages 18 to 25, another for ages 26 to 35 and so on.


During a speed dating event, you will either be the one seated or the one who goes around in the rotation. You meet and talk to the others there for anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes. When you first arrive, you are given a form that lists the people you are going to meet. The purpose of the sheet is to mark down who you felt that you were compatible with. Each participant has a sheet, and after every speed date they record whether or not they have an interest in the person that they have just met. The sheets are collected at the end of the night by the person or organization that is in charge of the event. If two people select each other, their contact information (such as email) will be forwarded to both interested parties. You are in charge of taking the initiative from there on.


Speed dating is a practical and beneficial way to meet possible suitors for many reasons. There are many singles out there, and first impressions are very important. In speed dating you can eliminate individuals right off the bat if chemistry is lacking. The designated intervals allot for only a quick exchange, leaving you eager to learn more about the person (or thankful that the buzzer or bell was rung so you can quickly move on to the next possible suitor). Another reason people gravitate towards speed dating is because it eliminates the outright possibility of an uncomfortable rejection. If you are not interested in someone or if they are not interested in you, contact information is not exchanged. Plain and simple; the stress of rejecting someone or being rejected is eliminated.
A lot of people are too busy to go out and search for a mate, are tired of the club scene, blind dates or just having overall bad luck in the dating arena. Speed dating is advantageous because it breaks groups down into specific divisions. Some organizations even offer specific niche events that may have to do with religious affiliation, hobbies or professions. This filters out individuals who don't meet the criteria for what you are looking for and raises the odds of compatibility. It also reduces that feeling of awkwardness because you know that everyone at the event is there for the same reason that you are. You are able to screen and look for an ideal match while remaining virtually anonymous.


Speed dating is a viable option because it takes the guesswork out of knowing if someone is interested in you or not. You don't have to waste time figuring out if a person is available or shares the various traits that are important to you. The mini dates allow you to ask a range of questions that are upfront, relevant and personal, some questions that may not be the most appropriate when you are on an ordinary initial date or getting to know someone in a social setting. Again, everyone is there for the same reason so they want to get to the scoop as well. Since you have limited time with each individual during the process, it's wise to come up with a set of questions beforehand to make the most out of your time with them. Some questions that you may want to pose are: "What do you do for a living?" "Where do you see yourself in the future?" "What are you looking for in a relationship?" "Have you been married before?" or "Do you have children?" These are just a few possible questions; it's vital to ask about what is most important to you.


Some people automatically assume that if you are a speed dating participant it means that you are desperate or lack the ability to meet someone on your own. That is a complete misconception, as most speed daters don't fall into those categories; they may just simply not have the time to pursue the conventional courting routes, or are looking to try something new. In terms of appearance and attraction, you may find speed dating as more of an asset that online dating and matchmaking sites because you are making contact face-to-face. There are no doctored pictures or misrepresentations of appearance. The person is physically right there in front of you. Remember, even if you don't meet that perfect someone, you can make friends and network, which in turn can lead to the introduction of someone who is right for you.


Keep in mind that a majority of speed dating events require you to register before attending, so they can ensure a proper ratio. They are likely to entail a fee as well, which in some instances must be paid prior to your attendance at the event. You can check your local paper to see if they have a listing of speed dating events or look online for ones that are taking place in your area. Below are some sites that contain information regarding locations and companies that offer speed dating in your area.

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