Speed Dating Activities

Speed dating is a way to get to know a lot of people very quickly. The goal is to determine whether there could be a potential romantic match while exerting a minimal amount of time and energy. Organizers create a variety of activities designed to develop interaction as efficiently as possible.


Speed dating features activities designed to optimize the amount of time it takes to really get to know someone. Many of the initial steps in getting to know a stranger are taken care of with seating assignments and name tags that reveal information at a glance.

Time Frame

Time frames vary for speed dating events depending on the number of participants and the scale of the event. However, it's common for an organizer to ring a bell after a predetermined amount of time, indicating the end of that particular speed date.


During the event, individuals ask various questions. While they are conversing, each participant makes marks on their scorecard that indicate whether they would like to know their partner further. At the sound of the bell, all parties know to end their conversations and move on to the next partner. The questioning then begins again without introductions because a quick glance at a name tag reveals essential information up front.

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