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Many a modern romance began at a speed dating event.Many a modern romance began at a speed dating event.

As the saying goes, there are a lot of fish in the sea. If you're in search of a manta ray and your net keeps coming up full of moray eels, speed dating may help you improve your odds. It was initially developed in the 1990s by Rabbi Yaacov Deyo to help marriage-minded Jews, and it has caught on among a wide range of other cultures and interest groups. Unlike random trolling, in speed dating you know at least a little bit about the people you meet, including the very important fact that they, too, are looking for a significant other.

How Speed Dating Works

Speed dating events bring together preregistered groups of single adults and offer them the opportunity to spend a short time, typically five to 10 minutes, talking one-on-one with each "date." A signal is then given and people move on to spend the same length of time with the next potential partner. Participants note which of the people they've met that they would like to see again, and if the feeling was mutual, the agency sponsoring the event provides follow up contact information.

Speed Dating Flavors

Speed dating excels in its ability to preselect groups of people with common cultural backgrounds, interests or inclinations. There are speed dating events for Christians, Jews, Muslims, gays, lesbians, people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds or professions and sub-specialties, such as "Cougars and Cubs" or the financially successful. Highly specialized in-person speed dating events are more often found in major metropolitan areas.

Speed Dating Advantages

The brief duration of each speed dating encounter is offset by the fact that speed dating agencies screen for certain criteria in advance. If smoking is a deal-breaker for you or you're only interested in meeting people with college educations, a good speed dating service won't seat you across from a nicotine-addicted dropout even for five minutes.

Speed dating also removes the awkward step of having to indicate to potential partners whether you'd like to see them again. Participants mark their choices on a list, and the contact information is only given out later if both people marked down interest in each other.

Speed Dating Tips

Investigate an organization thoroughly before registering for one of its speed dating events. Find out what its screening methods are and how their events are structured. If an agency is a good fit for you, the odds improve that one of your speed dates will be too.

Be well-groomed, well-dressed and be yourself. If you're much more comfortable in Levis, don't represent yourself as haute couture. Put some thought into a few important questions to help you determine whether you'd enjoy spending more time with an individual.

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