Speed Dating in San Diego

Speed dating can lead to lasting realtionships.Speed dating can lead to lasting realtionships.

Speed dating is an alternative to bar hopping, blind dates, online dating and other dating approaches to finding a relationship. A participant will have several short dates in a single night with other speed daters. Speed dating can be a very successful method to meeting new people.

San Diego Speed Dating

San Diego offers several venues for speed dating. The easiest way to get into the speed-dating scene is to register online at several speed-dating sites that cater to San Diego. These sites include 8minutedating.com, fastdater.com, hurrydate.com, fastlife.com and pre-dating.com. All sites will require participants to register, fill out a personal profile and answer questions about potential mates.


A participant cannot simply show up to a speed-dating event. Matching services invite participants specifically to create more matches. Each participant will have about 10 mini dates that last somewhere between three and 10 minutes. At the end of the night, participants turn in a scorecard saying which participants they are interested in. Matchmakers send out e-mails with contact information to participants when participants make mutual choices.


When speed dating, participants have very little time to make an impression. Appear confident, ask revealing questions pertaining to work-life, personal goals, hobbies and relationship expectations. Prepare a short personal introduction. Above all, have a positive attitude and an open mind.

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