Speed Dating for Seniors in Arizona

Speed dating service is a convenient way for adults to find a date. The main concept of speed dating is that singles are gathered in one location depending on their age or interest. Every person has a chance to talk to each other face to face to see if they are compatible in any way. Most parties enable people to meet 10 to 15 people, and at the end of the night, they can choose if they liked someone without obligation.


Tucson is a typical college town that makes it harder for the older population to find a date. There is no specific downtown area, and bars and clubs are spread out through the whole city. One of the events is organized at Arizona Theater Company where singles of all ages meet. The party is set on the basis of several rounds of six minute talks with each other. To make a match, both sides need to agree to exchange information, then the agency forwards their contact information to each other. Another monthly event for single senior professionals takes place at The Melting Pot-Foothills Mall for men and women ages 39 to 52.


Every Wednesday at 7 p.m. a unique speed dating service takes place in Phoenix. An old-style, double-decker bus starts a route from Rose and Crown Pub. Tickets are purchased on the bus, and women take a seat while men mingle and find a woman to sit next to for the short trip. After a short conversation of three minutes, they change their seats. At the price of $25, as of 2011, Speed Net offers dating events for adults over 55. Fast Life organizes speed dating events in chic Phoenix Lounges once a month for those in the 21 to 50 age range. Every person needs to register and add her preference of age or interests. Access to these events is only possible with invitations. It is free to register, and a fee for this service is charged only when you attend an event.


This Arizona-based dating service MEOW stands for Men Enjoying Older Women. To register for a meeting, women need to be between 30 and 60 years old and seek younger men between the ages of 21 to 50 who seek older women who are at least seven years older. To become a member of MEOW, you must submit a clear photo, and after you are approved, you gain access to all activities. Adventures 2000 offers a different approach. It organizes outdoor and other planned activities for singles interested in dating, including kayaking trips.


In the Northern part of Arizona, in the area of Kingman, several local agencies, such as Tasc Inc., Westcare Arizona or Renee L. White, LCSW, provide dating services. As with most agencies, a client can choose a potential date based on ethnicity, religious beliefs or specific age. Every person wears name tag and is offered a paper sheet to make notes during dates. After five to eight minutes, the person goes to the next table and a new date.

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