How to spot a player

spot a playerspot a player

Are you tired of getting played by players. What if you could learn how to spot a player early in a relationship before your feelings got involved. Let me give you some tips

Since majority of players will not flat out admit your being played, you have to know what to look out for. First thing you need to know a player can't afford to spend allot of time with one person, because they are usually juggling multiple relationships. So they always have an excuse why they aren't around allot. A man that always has to call you back is probably playing you.

Does he keep his cell phone on vibrate? Does this happen when your together? His phone rings he glances at the number, closes the phone and magically has to use the bathroom, or go somewhere. This is a very good sign your being played. Does he talk to allot of women on the phone and assures you the other woman is just a friends. This is a more advanced player. Does he have a bunch of pictures of half dressed women in his phone? Does he let you hold his cell phone when he is not around. Does he let you go into his wallet to get some change? These are signs as well.

When you go certain places does he volunteer to stay in the car every time. Does he look around nervously when you walk in the mall. Do you find feminine products or accessories in his car? Does he smell like perfume when he comes home late. Does he like going clubbing without you? Will he let you drive his car around town? These are all questions you should be asking yourself.

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  • You need to ask yourself the following questions early in the relationship, once your feelings get involved its harder to break off your relationship.
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