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Dating can be a very unnerving experience. Many people have no idea how to act or what to say on a first date. It's very much like a job interview except at the end of the date you just might marry this person. Dating is a great way to get to know people from all backgrounds and can give you a better sense of what you really want in a mate. According to many experts, there are five different stages of dating. Each stage should be followed in order for a successful relationship.

Stage One: Attraction

You see him across the room and he sees you, your eyes met. He comes over to you and strikes up a conversation. You're thinking he's clean shaven and smells nice. He's thinking you have beautiful eyes and a nice smile. This is basic attraction. You see something that appeals to you and you hope the attraction is returned. This is the part where you think everything the other person does is cute.

Stage Two: Getting to Know Each Other

You both feel the common attraction and want to move this new "relationship" a step further. The ideal way to get to know someone is to see them in a group setting. You get a feel for how that person reacts to different situations and their guard is let down a little more. This also creates a comfortable atmosphere for the both of you to talk freely. If there's a lull in the conversation, there are other people around you to pick up the slack. Group dating, however, should not be the only dates you go on. One-on-one dating is very important. This is when you start asking questions and finding out if this relationship is worth taking to the next step. This stage could go on for about 4-6 months depending on which direction the relationship is going.

Step Three: Becoming Exclusive

If you both feel that you have common goals in life and interests, you may want to take this to the next level. This is when you decide if your differences are something you can both get past and if making this relationship exclusive is worth it. Becoming exclusive is a very big commitment on both people and should never be taken for granted. This is probably the biggest step in the relationship as it will set the tone for your future together.

Step Four: Exchanging Intimacy

Intimacy in a relationship does not only pertain to a sexual relationship. This is when we've finally let our guard down. Your partner gets to know the "real" you even if it's unflattering. This is where true unconditional love takes place over lust. Developing a mature intimate relationship takes work but it can lead to a long and successful future.

Step Five: Preparing for the Future

Getting engaged for a woman is probably one of the most exciting times in her life. If you both feel that this relationship has developed into something more, then getting married is the next logical thing to do. Understanding that you cannot change your partner no matter what but still loving them regardless of their faults will prepare you for a long successful marriage.

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