How to Start a Conversation With Your Crush

You never know when you'll have the chance to talk to your crush.You never know when you'll have the chance to talk to your crush.

So, you've had a crush on someone for several months, and you've finally decided you're going to talk to him. The best way to talk to your crush is to prepare yourself. You know you will be nervous, but with a little planning and a little practice, you will do fine. You will feel so much better after you talk to him, too.

Think of several different topics you could talk about with your crush. Actually make a conversation list. Circle the five best choices. These will be the ones that you concentrate on the first time you talk to him. Pick the one that is easiest to start with, such as a question about a common interest you share or a general question like, "What did you do this weekend?"

Practice your opening line and how you will lead into one of your five topics of conversation. If your crush works with you or has a class with you, the best way to start the conversation is to talk about a work or class subject. For example, to a co-worker, you could say, "How's that big project going that you are working on?" Then you could lead into a conversation about activities the person likes to do at night to wind down from a hard day at work. In a classroom setting, you could start with an opening line such as, "Have you started studying for our midterm yet?" Then you can talk about or ask about other activities that keep your crush busy besides studying.

Deliver your opening line with confidence when you start your conversation. Be positive. What is the worst that can actually happen? Most of the time, your crush will answer you and talk to you, but you have to approach her with a smile and a nice, strong voice. A meek or quiet "hi" will not get you where you want to be with this person. Make up your mind to approach this person with confidence.

Ask questions about your crush and offer information about yourself. You don't want to ask too many questions or talk about yourself too much. A nice balance is the best for a good conversation. Start off the conversation with a question such as, "So, what did you do last night?" Then after the person answers, you can either ask one more question about the information given or tell what you did last night. Remember, a conversation takes two people--information is obtained and given.

Walk away from the conversation with your crush feeling proud and confident. If possible, end with an open statement such as, "Talk to you again soon" or "See you in a couple days."

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  • Each conversation will be easier and you will begin to feel more confident after the initial conversation with your crush.


  • After having several conversations with your crush, you may find that you don't really like him. Sometimes things just go that way.
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