How to Stay Faithful in a Relationship

Open communication is the first step to staying loyal.Open communication is the first step to staying loyal.

The beginning stages of falling in love always feel like they could last forever. The butterflies are there and you can’t imagine yourself ever wanting to be with anyone else. But eventually, those butterflies fade and other temptations may present themselves along the way. Avoiding temptations and strengthening your relationship will help you remain faithful in the long run.

Step 1

Share openly with your partner and make communication a priority in your relationship. Couples who remain faithful to each other are those who are willing to have authentic communication, even when those conversations are sometimes difficult, explains clinical psychologist and marriage counselor Randi Gunther in the Psychology Today article, “Promise Keepers: The Committed Partners Who Stay Faithful to Each Other.” If there are no secrets in your marriage and you are focused on addressing issues as they come up, you are more able to head off potential problems.

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Avoid situations where temptation may be expected. Have enough respect for your partner to stay away from those who would encourage you to cheat or who may attempt to seduce you when your partner is not around. Don’t set yourself up for failure by spending intimate one-on-one time with someone you would otherwise be attracted to.

Step 3

Look at cheating as a life-changing choice rather than an impetuous decision, advises Mark Smaller, a spokesman for the American Psychoanalytic Association, quoted in the Forbes article, “Ten Ways to Stay Faithful.” Force yourself to think about the consequences of cheating before you act and contemplate the long-term risks you could be taking. This can help shore up your commitment to your partner or help you understand the problems that exist in your relationship better.

Step 4

Have realistic expectations about what a committed relationship should look like. Don’t expect the butterflies to last forever, but do allow yourself to look for the benefits of a deeper love. Know that there will be days when you may not want to be around your partner and understand that this can be normal. It does not mean your relationship is doomed and you should start looking elsewhere; it just means you are maturing to the next stage of your relationship as you work to fit the lives of two people together.

Step 5

Face relationship problems head on. If you are considering cheating, there is a problem at the root of your relationship that needs to be addressed, according to the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center. Contemplate what it is your relationship is missing and look for solutions that could resolve that problem. Talk to your partner about issues as well, so that you can face the current problems together.

Step 6

Seek the help of a therapist if you feel you may need some outside guidance as you work through your feelings and desires. If you have been guilty of cheating in the past, divulge those details to a professional so that you may begin a path toward change for the future.

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