How to Stop the Breakup Cycle in Relationships

There are many people who have been trapped in relationships that thrive on drama. They break up, get back together, break up again, and the cycle continues. For those couples trapped in the breakup cycle, it is very hard for them to decide whether they want to stay in such a tumultuous relationship.

Don't assume you will be able to change your partner's bad habits. Think in terms of a worst-case scenario. Assume that your partner may never change that habit that drives you crazy. Ask yourself if you would still date this person if she would never change in the way you desire.

Ask for a second opinion from friends and family. What are their opinions of your situation? Sometimes an outside opinion can give you fresh perspective on the situation.

Take a long hiatus from your relationship. Do not plan to speak or interact with your partner until you have had time to catalogue the positive and negative of your relationship.

Date other people during your hiatus to see if the grass is truly greener on the other side. Sometimes, if you feel underappreciated, you may find someone who provides the positive attention you crave.

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  • Visit a qualified counselor or psychologist if you need further help. Sometimes you may have issues that prevent you from breaking the breakup cycle.


  • Call the police if your relationship becomes violent or dangerous to your physical being.

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