How to Stop Dating Bad Boys

Almost all women have dated a "bad boy" at some point or another. Whether they’re bad in the traditional sense, with lots of tattoos and always ready to start a fight, or bad in the unavailable sense, with serious emotional baggage, bad boys waste your time, use your energy and often break your heart. If you’re addicted to bad boys, regardless of the type, you need to get strict with yourself, recognize your pattern and give some nice guys a chance.

Step 1

Stop looking for “the spark.” Many girls believe that they are not compatible with a guy if they don’t get sweaty, nervous or have butterflies in their stomach, but “the spark” can often be misleading. Just because you find a man physically attractive the first instant you meet him does not mean you are necessarily a perfect match.

Step 2

Look for warning signs when you meet a guy. If he drinks every night, uses hard drugs or gets in fights on a regular basis, you should stay away. Look out for guys who are in between jobs, are antisocial or generally in a bad mood -- even if you like brooding. Difficulty expressing his emotions, a fear of commitment or serious emotional baggage, are also signs of a “bad boy” who will never show up on time or call you when he says he will.

Step 3

Give good guys, who you might think are boring, a chance. Sometimes you meet a guy and he seems “vanilla” but if you take the time to get to know him, you might actually find that the two of you are compatible. Keep in mind that sometimes people are nervous on a first date and may find it difficult to act naturally or be themselves, so give a guy a second date even if the first one wasn’t amazing.

Step 4

Learn to recognize when you are falling into old habits. When you find yourself being attracted to a guy because he has tons of tattoos or doesn’t pay attention to you, call yourself out. Admit to yourself exactly why you find this guy attractive, then remind yourself of all the reasons to stay away from guys like him.

Step 5

Analyze where you are meeting guys. Nightclubs, bars and other singles spots are not necessarily the best places to meet guys. Try meeting guys through friends, at the bookstore, supermarket, gym or somewhere you don’t normally keep your eyes open. Changing your strategy for meeting guys will help you avoid going for the same type.

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