How to Stop Dating Bigots

Dating a bigot can be a traumatic experience, and it does not take long to discover that the relationship is unhealthy. The definition of a bigot is a person who does not tolerate any opinions that differ from their own. To stop dating bigots and to avoid them altogether, you must learn to look for a few key signs before a relationship develops.

Evaluate the person you are currently seeing, if you are in a relationship. Think about the way this person treats you. Break up immediately if the person is abusive in any way, or does not value you as an individual.

Before you accept an invitation from someone for a date, get to know them via the phone or email. Ask questions and be honest about yourself. If the person does not take you seriously, does not tolerate different points of view, or shows no empathy towards others, reconsider going out on a date.

Look for signs of cruelty to others on the first date. Watch the way the person treats service professionals and you. Listen carefully to the things the person is saying, as a bigot will usually give away their nasty tendencies through subtle conversation and actions.

Do not accept a second date from a person you suspect to be a bigot. There are many more proverbial fish in the sea.

Recognize that everyone makes mistakes, and though your dating record may not be perfect, you are worth the trouble it takes to find a suitable partner.

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  • Ask trusted friends to set you up with quality individuals.


  • No matter when in a relationship you notice bigoted tendencies, reconsider continuing the relationship.

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