How to Stop Dating the Same Guy

The trap is easy to fall into. It is the rut women find themselves in when they continually date the same guy in different forms. Dating is difficult, but even the cycle of dating Mr. Wrong over and over can teach you a valuable lesson and get you on the road to ending the cycle and stop dating the same guy. Read on to learn more.

Focus on the good things. When you focus on all of the bad things you have found in relationships, then you will attract those bad things. Keep you mind and your energy focused on the good things that you want out of people, and you will begin to attract those positive aspects instead of the negative.

Stop looking for familiarity. We tend to be attracted to guys who seem familiar to us. Characteristics and mannerisms that are familiar make us feel comfortable. So we keep dating the guys who have these similarities and get frustrated when we can't seem to find the right one. To stop dating the same guy a woman must find a guy that is different in character and bust past her comfortable threshold in order to get to Mr. Right.

Evaluate your role in poor dating habits. Use your past mistakes and lessons and learn from them. If you have had trouble with dating alcoholics in the past, learn from that and steer clear of men with that kind of baggage. By changing your attitude toward men, and looking for exactly what you want, you are finally able to stop dating the same guy.

Move on instead of getting mixed up in feeling comfortable and secure in a bad relationship. Never settle. When you find yourself in a relationship with the same guy in a different body then end it. Being alone is not half as bad as holding onto someone for comfort.

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