How to Stop a Girl From Flirting With Everyone

You may have one of those friends. She craves male attention and can't seem to stop flirting with every guy she sees. If you feel her reputation's suffering, you may want to try some tactics to get her to stop flirting with everyone.

Take her aside. If you want to take the direct approach, talk to her alone. Just let her know that you're her friend and don't want guys to get the wrong impression about her.

Send her an anonymous note. If you directly tell her she should stop flirting, you may cause a rift in your friendship. Instead, you could put a discreet, anonymous note in her mailbox or locker. As a scare tactic, pretend to be the girlfriend of one of the guys she flirts with.

Imitate her flirting act to drive your point home. Once she sees how silly she looks to others, she may decide to tone it down a bit.

Try to ignore it. She may constantly flirt because she thrives on the attention. If you and others start to ignore the flirting, she may stop it and start acting normal again.

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  • If your friend flirts with your boyfriend or a guy you like, you have every right to feel mad at her. Tell her to back off and that she's embarrassing herself.
  • Although you may not like her flirting, you should still stand behind your friend. If nasty rumors start to spread because of her flirty nature, you should stick up for her.

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