Strengths You Want in a Boyfriend

Women look for different traits in a boyfriend, but some tend to be universal.Women look for different traits in a boyfriend, but some tend to be universal.

Traits desired in a boyfriend are a matter of personal choice and can be based off of beliefs and needs. Certain characteristics are universal and can apply to most boyfriend -- and even girlfriend -- choices. The traits of a successful partner are most often derived from traits that past boyfriends have possessed. You seek good traits in later partners, and you avoid those traits that caused problems.


Most people in relationships desire honesty in their partners. Women who choose partners who aren't clear about their desires, actions or needs feel ambiguity and uncertainty in the relationship, making it harder to foster feelings of intimacy. Small matters are also important; truth about where a person is, what he is doing and who he is with also fosters deep relationship ties.


A mature boyfriend is one who acts appropriately for his age during outings or in one-on-one situations. He also is emotionally mature, meaning that he knows what he needs and finds important in a relationship and is not afraid to work toward obtaining those needs. He is more willing to compromise than other partners who lack his level of maturity.


Searching for a partner who is equally goal-oriented can increase the odds of partners developing and achieving life goals such as home ownership, child-rearing and financial stability. A boyfriend should have, at minimum, a general plan for his life and career. He should have short-term and long-term goals, and he should be working to achieve them.


Compassion and empathy show that a potential boyfriend is aware of others' feelings. This translates into him being better able to understand his girlfriend's point of view and feelings on important issues. It also shows a depth of kindness that can indicate he will treat everyone -- especially those he cares about -- well.

Problem Solving

A good boyfriend solves his own problems and assists others with solving theirs, all without taking over and dominating the situation. This can be financially, emotionally, romantically or in other relationships. He should handle most situations or find the help he needs to resolve issues. He does not need to be proficient at every task, just able to find someone who is.

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