Subtle Flirting Techniques

Learn to flirt subtly.Learn to flirt subtly.

If you’re going to be bold enough to flirt with someone you’re interested in, at least be smart enough to know that you don’t have to do a whole lot to get their attention. Flirting is meant to be that step right before asking someone out and begins by sending several physical jolts and witty verbal lines to let them know you’re into them. Using the subtle, innocent approach can work just as effectively, if not best, depending on how you do it and who is at the receiving end. Give your crush a sign that you’re digging him.

Eye Contact

Giving someone direct eye contact is like sending a signal that you’re looking for a gateway into their soul. Generally, many people don’t have great eye contact when speaking to each other. Gazing into your sweetie’s eyes while she’s talking sends a sign that you’re paying attention and interested in what she has to say. Learn how to smile with your eyes by visualizing what you’d like to do with her and she’ll feel your vibe, almost as if it were telepathic.

Subtle Touches

Keep your hands on him in the most subtle ways possible. Even if you’re leaning over him to show him an application on your phone or reaching for your drink next to him, find some way to touch his skin. You’re likely to send chills up his spine and yours if there’s a secret connection between the two of you.

Embrace the Silence

Silence can be the best policy when it comes to flirting. Don’t worry about what you need to say when you’re in the presence of your crush. Simply smile and enjoy being in each other’s aura. Laugh when she says something funny and give her a piece of your personality without saying a word. Notice how much you’ll moan, nod and giggle as opposed to nervously trying to fill quiet moments with mindless chatter.

Fill in the Space

Get in his space when you two are near each other. Break the “personal space” zone by standing close to him, leaning into him when you’re speaking and just generally overlapping space every once in a while. This doesn’t mean you have to sit on his lap, but if you’re in a place where it’s heavily populated, like an outdoor festival, ball game or bar, get in close and speak directly in his ear. Subtly brush your face against his cheek.

Casual Invites

So you’ve landed tickets to a local band's concert or a college game for the weekend. Casually ask her if she wants to go, as if it’s no big deal what her response is. Invite her to events whenever you get the opportunity to attend something she would like. Take her up on her offer when she reciprocates and invites you to go somewhere.

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