How to Survive a Breakup From an Affair

Breaking up is difficult but you can survive the split.Breaking up is difficult but you can survive the split.

When a partner cheats, it can feel like the worst form of betrayal. Everything that you relied on your partner for is now gone. However bleak the outlook, know that there is life beyond your partner. How you choose to handle the breakup will determine how quickly you move on. Your first priority is to focus on yourself and heal from within. Whether it takes a week or a year to come to terms, you eventually will return to the dating game.

Take some to reflect after a breakup.

Take some time for yourself and allow yourself to grieve. It is OK to be upset or angry. When a breakup occurs, no matter who is at fault, it is always a good idea to spend some time alone. Take this time to reflect on yourself and determine what direction you wish to move in.

Strive to understand that the affair was not your fault. Cheating partners may try to place the blame on you, but this is just a deflection of guilt. Accept the fact that your partner is the one to blame and continue to move on with your life.

Seek help to deal with depression.

Seek therapy if you fall into a state of depression. Depression is an illness that can affect your life dramatically if you allow it. Some signs of depression include eating either more or less, sleeping more, refusing to leave the house or withdrawing from social contact.

Taking time for yourself is important in order to move forward.

Do things for yourself. Take in a movie or take a trip. Do something that you've always dreamed of doing. This is all part of the healing process. You may miss your partner's presence at first, but eventually you will find that you enjoy the single life.

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  • Make time for your friends and family, who will want to be there for you.
  • Moving on with your life is the best form of revenge.


  • Do not contact your ex unless you have a valid reason for doing so, such as discussing your children.

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