How to Survive a Heartbreaking Breakup

If you are heartbroken, remember that you are not alone.If you are heartbroken, remember that you are not alone.

Relationships fail for a variety of reasons and although heartbreak happens to everyone, it is never easy to deal with. Being heartbroken can be devastating and leave you wondering what happened and how to move on. Although there is no perfect cure for a broken heart, there are a few ways to make moving on and mending your heart a bit easier.

Allow yourself to grieve. Losing someone you care about can leave you feeling lost, confused and unsure how to get on with your life. It is normal to go through a range of emotions, including sadness, guilt, desperation and anger. It is important to feel these emotions rather than bottle them up so that you can heal your broken heart, feel happy again and have a healthy relationship in the future.

Get out of the house. It may be tempting to sit around the house feeling sorry for yourself, eating a pint of ice cream and reading old love letters from your ex. Doing this will only make you feel worse and make moving on nearly impossible. Spend time with your friends and family. Being around people you care about can give you an outlet to discuss your feelings, give you a sense of support and help you to feel less lonely.

Do not contact your ex. After a breakup, emotions may be running high and you may think you need to call your ex to work things out. This can cause more harm than good, so it might be a better idea to take the time to reflect on the reasons that you broke up in the first place. Allowing yourself space from your ex will help you to clear your head, work through your emotions and eventually, move on with your life.

Reward yourself. Going through a tough breakup can be torturous. Now is a great time to reward yourself with a new outfit you have wanted for a month, a spa day or a fantastic vacation. Do something you enjoy and allow yourself to have some fun. It is important to give yourself credit for being a strong enough person to go through a tough time and survive.

Contact a professional counselor or psychiatrist to help you work through your feelings if you are having a particularly difficult time getting over your heartbreak or finding it difficult to function. Having someone who is unbiased to talk to can help you work through your emotions and make sense of the situation.

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