Sweet Ideas to Surprise a Boyfriend

Surprise him with a romantic bubble bath for 2.Surprise him with a romantic bubble bath for 2.

As relationships develop into long-term affairs, they tend to grow routine. Though having a routine provides stability and comfort, it sometimes leads to feelings of boredom, or worse, to the relationship being taken for granted. Relationships require active participation from all members involved, so be the first to shake things up, surprise your boyfriend and get those butterflies fluttering again.

Romantic Dinner

Don't let your boyfriend fool you; he likes romance just as much as you do. While he's at work or in class, set up a romantic dinner. No need to make it a complicated meal. Pick a relatively easy dish like pasta and salad -- something you know you can prepare. The food plays second fiddle in this event anyway. Tonight revolves around your time together. Pull the shades, light some candles and put on some background music. Pick out something nice to wear. He may have forgotten what it feels like when his jaw drops, s remind him tonight. When he gets home, greet him with a kiss at the door. Let him see you disable all phones in the house, and lock the door behind him. No interruptions tonight.

Surprise Getaway

Sometimes all it takes to rejuvenate a relationship is a change of scenery. Plan an escape for just the two of you. Take a week, weekend or a long night, but take it together. Go hiking, go camping, take a road trip or just spend the night in a hotel. Getting out of the house and away from your normal routine gives the two of you a chance to reconnect without the hassle of everyday stressors.

Physical Contact

Massages are intimate and rejuvenating. Offering to give one to your boyfriend also demonstrates a great deal of unselfishness. If you're intimidated by the idea of giving massages, perhaps embarrassed by the prospect of doing it wrong, remember that giving a bad one takes some serious effort. If you're nervous, just keep it simple. Try rubbing circles in his back with the palms of your hands, or raking your fingers gently from shoulder to waistline. Avoid putting pressure on his spine, and use oil or lotion to heighten the experience. Pay attention to the way your boyfriend's body responds to your touch and ask him what feels best. When you're done, he'll be grateful and refreshed and, ideally, will offer to return the favor.

Unique Qualities

All couples are different. Think about what makes your own relationship exceptional, the special things the two of you share. Exploit those unique attributes to plan an event or activity exclusively for you and him. If you bond over kung fu, have a martial arts movie marathon. If you are theater lovers, go to a play. Perhaps both of you love taking pictures; plan a special photography session, then edit the results together. Whatever it is that made you click with your boyfriend to begin with, bring it to light once more.

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