How to Sweet Talk a Girl

Every potential sweet-talker should keep a few key elements in mind.Every potential sweet-talker should keep a few key elements in mind.

As with most matters having to do with dating and relationships, sweet talking is more of an art than a science. Because girls' preferences vary as much as their hairstyles, there's no single formula to follow when sweet-talking a lady. Still, every potential sweet-talker should keep a few key elements in mind.

Make eye contact and smile.

Step 1

Make eye contact and smile. Whether you are sweet-talking someone you just met or someone you are dating, this will signal that you are friendly, open and interested.

Offer a sincere compliment.

Step 2

Offer a sincere compliment. Think of something you like or appreciate about the girl you are talking to, and tell her. Make sure the compliment is both genuine and appropriate.

Ask questions.

Step 3

Ask questions. It might seem like "sweet-talking" means that you do all the talking, but this is far from true. A good sweet-talker asks the object of his affections questions about herself and shows interest in her responses and her conversation.

Be smart and respectful.

Step 4

Act respectful and smart. If you're nervous, it might be tempting to resort to raunchy jokes or silly antics, but these can stop a good sweet-talk in its tracks.

Use humor when it feels right.

Step 5

Use humor when it feels natural. It's always good to make a girl laugh, so aim to be witty or funny if the opportunity arises. That said, don't force a joke if there are no good openings for your humor to shine through.

Pay attention to the signals a girl puts out.

Step 6

Pay attention to a girl's signals. If the girl you are sweet-talking is being flirty, flirt back. If she is holding back, be reserved but friendly. A great sweet-talker will make a girl feel comfortable by noticing her vibe and responding in kind.

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  • Remember that if a girl simply doesn't want to be sweet-talked by you, no amount of cleverness will overcome that. Always respect a girl's wishes, and recognize if she wants to be left alone.

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