How to Sweet-Talk Guys

Sweet-talking shows guys that you're interested in them.Sweet-talking shows guys that you're interested in them.

Sweet-talking guys is often a useful way of expressing romantic interest and perhaps suggesting that you might be responsive to a future relationship. This can be achieved through several different methods, although they all involve making the guy feel important and suggesting that you’re enjoying your time together. Fortunately, this isn’t particularly difficult to achieve, and can be accomplished simply by having the confidence to try it.

Step 1

Ask questions. Everyone feels appreciated and interesting when other people ask them questions, and it’s no different when trying to sweet-talk a guy. By asking relevant questions that build on the information the guy has told you, you demonstrate an active interest and reveal that your attention isn’t focused elsewhere.

Step 2

Listen closely and enthusiastically. Pick up on minor details that the guy reveals; for example, if you notice he has a slight accent for certain words, ask where he acquired it. This continues to underline that you’re engaged in the conversation.

Step 3

Show enthusiasm and interest. Allow your face to light up when you’re talking about something particularly interesting, enabling the guy to detect that you’re legitimately interested in the topic. Allow yourself to vary the speed of your voice; this prevents you from seeming monotone and “switched off.”

Step 4

Laugh and be complimentary. Laughter is a way to show interest, as it not only suggests that you enjoy the other person’s sense of humor, but also that you feel relaxed and comfortable within their company. This will in turn give the guy more confidence and assurance that you’re enjoying your conversation, which will put him at ease.

Step 5

Use open body language. Avoid crossing your arms or routinely looking away. Ideally you should have consistent eye contact, while only looking away occasionally to prevent the appearance of staring. If you feel comfortable, some light physical contact can help reinforce feelings of trust and comfort between you. This can be achieved, for example, by nudging his shoulder when he makes you laugh.

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