How to Take a Vow of Celibacy

Many people all over the world have taken a vow of celibacy. Being celibate is more common than you may think. By following this guide, you can learn more about taking a vow of celibacy.

Figure out why you wish to take a vow of celibacy. The most common reasons to take a vow of celibacy include religious beliefs, to focus energies elsewhere and to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. There are other less popular reasons, such as not wanting children or a dislike for intimacy. Whatever your true reason is, understand the root of your beliefs before venturing into a vow of celibacy.

Be sincere in your reasoning and don't make a rash decision. You should contemplate this decision extensively because it can affect your life in a major way. If you are reacting to a bad breakup or any similar sort of negative experience, take time before deciding whether taking a vow of celibacy is right for you.

Tell those around you about your vow of celibacy. While you can keep your vow of celibacy a secret, it could be more effective if you let those close to you in on your vow. Doing so can help others be supportive of your decision. As a rule of thumb, it's rarely a good idea to hide any life changing events such as this from those who are close to you. If you are in a relationship, it is definitely important to tell your partner about your decision.

Avoid temptation. If you put yourself in situations regularly where you might break your vow, it is a constant struggle to keep your commitment.

Concentrate on other pursuits. Whether it's going back to school, taking up a hobby or studying religion, immerse yourself into other activities that can keep you on your path.

Reassess your vow after a few months and then again a year later. If you still feel strongly about your commitment to a celibate life, continue with your lifestyle. If you are having second thoughts about your decision, give it more thought to determine whether you want to continue with your vow of celibacy.

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