How to Talk to a Boy You Like Through Texting

Talk to a Boy You Like Through TextingTalk to a Boy You Like Through Texting

Texting a boy you really like can be nerve wracking. The pressure of finding topics to talk about and

the stress of showing him how fun and interesting you are can make even the most confident girls nervous. However, in this article you will learn the most important things you can do, when texting with that special someone. Also, you must always remember to be yourself. It's important never to try to pretend you're someone else to get the attention of a boy.

Make sure you have each others numbers. Even if he asks for yours first, make sure you get his number as well. There's nothing wrong with being the first one to start a texting conversation. You need to each have each other's numbers to engage in conversation!

Pick a topic to begin your first conversation. Pick a general topic such as an upcoming event you're both going to, a mutual friend, or a homework topic. This first conversation is important and will open the door for future conversations down the road. Try to keep the conversation going as long as possible, but if he's responding with one word responses only, he may be uninterested in the conversation and think you are trying too hard to initiate the discussion.

Refrain from always being the one to text him first. This can make you seem overly desperate or needy. Wait until he texts you to engage in conversation and bring up topics you want to discuss. Avoid texting him over and over again if he doesn't respond, or constantly texting him in the middle of the night, but feel free to send him spontaneous texts to let him know you are thinking about him.

Take advantage of opportunities to start a conversation. For example, if you both attended an event one night, text him the following day to ask if he had a good time. If he played in a sporting event he told you about, ask him how it went. You can also send him a casual text on a Monday to ask how his weekend was. Keep these random texts casual and try to sound as natural as possible. Sometimes guys are nervous to text first, or just may not be thinking about it at that minute, so sending a casual sounding text at an appropriate time can get him thinking about you.

Never be overbearing by asking question after question like your conversation is an interview, and never get upset if he doesn't text you back right away. Never send texts asking him why he's not texting you back or accusing him of ignoring you. This can turn him off.

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  • Never get nervous about texting a boy you like and stress yourself out over talking to him. Be natural and talk to him as you would one of your friends, and never try to be someone else or lie to make yourself look better. Be nice and show him why you're special and he will like you for you!


  • Never, ever send dirty or revealing pictures of yourself to a boy. This may seem like an extreme form of flirting, but once these pictures have been sent, you can never get them back. Anyone can find or show these pictures to anyone else, and the boy you send them to can end up getting in trouble for minor pornography if you are under 18 years old.
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