How to Talk Dirty to Your Partner

Dirty talk is an easy way to spice up your love life without taking things to extreme. As long as you have a willing partner and can let go of your inhibitions, you'll find that anyone can use dirty talk to their advantage.

Send a text message to your partner if you both have cell phones. This is just to break the ice and make sure you have a willing partner before taking things to the next step.

Mention exactly what you'd like your partner to do when the two of you are together, but you can't actually be together. A darkened movie theater, a public park or even a family gathering are all great choices as long as you keep your voice down.

Rehearse what you want to say beforehand, either in your head or out loud until you feel comfortable with it. If you're stressed and uncomfortable with the dirty talk, your partner will pick up on it and it will probably be a turn off.

Spend some time reading adult stories online and even watching a few adult films if you feel bold enough. Just consider it research! You may want to find out what other people say, especially if you've never talked dirty before.

Introduce the dirty talk into the bedroom slowly, just to make sure you're both comfortable. Tell him or her exactly what they're doing that you love. After a few times you can begin telling them what you want them to do and what you'd like to see happen next.

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  • If you feel confident enough, skip over all the introductions and basic steps and go right for the dirty talk. The next time you're in bed, let your lover know exactly what to do.


  • Don't worry if your partner isn't into the dirty talk. There are some people who find it a turn off and just can't get into it.
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