How to Talk Game to Girls

Talking game to a girl is a timeless art. For years it’s been the guy who can carry himself with confidence who ends up with the girl. Without knowing how to talk game, your quest to land that dream girl is a lot harder. There are no big mind control secrets at play here, just some simple principles successful guys may follow.

Make eye contact when talking game to a girl. Many believe that this shows the opposite sex that you have authority when you speak and that you are listening intently when she speaks. The most important thing that eye contact gives you is an aura of confidence.

Be confident when approaching, speaking and listening to a girl while talking game. Some experts believe that this confidence is what truly attracts women.

Remain at ease while speaking. Don’t seem overly anxious or nervous. This means keeping your voice at a mellow volume and tone as well as reducing your body movements to a select few. This cool demeanor sends signals to the girl that you are someone special.

Compliment the girl on her hair, clothes or something else she personally made a decision with. This shows the girl that you are paying attention to her and that you like what you see. This form of flattery, if handled with confidence, can spark an immediate interest from your female.

Inform this girl, still using your calm, confident persona, what makes you such a great catch. Don’t overstate anything, but give a simple accomplishment or aspect of your life that makes you special. Then act like it’s no big deal. This will seal the deal on your game.

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