How to Talk to Girls on the Dance Floor

Don't be afraid to step out, even if you aren't the best dancer on the floor.Don't be afraid to step out, even if you aren't the best dancer on the floor.

A dance club is obviously a good place to meet girls. If you don’t ever talk to any of them, however, you won’t get much further than if you were at home watching the scene on television. The dance floor is typically loud, but you can still strike up small conversations that could at least lead to making a new friend.

Move into the general proximity of a girl or group of girls that you find interesting or attractive. Do it gradually, dancing all the while, so that it isn’t obvious.

Try to make eye contact with one, if possible. If she looks at you, smile, but remember to keep dancing and don’t just stare at her.

Dance closer to her until you are about a foot away (or closer if the floor is crowded). Lean forward and say something generic, such as how great the song is or how much you enjoy watching her dance. Tell her your name and ask for hers.

Ask the girl questions such as what she is drinking, if she is holding a drink and if she responded when you spoke to her. That way, you can buy her the drink of her choice later, if the conversation seems successful -- don't buy one immediately, however, or you will look like you are trying too hard to impress, according to Remember to speak directly into her ear without yelling. Even if things are loud, you don’t want to deafen her more.

Watch her body language. If she keeps moving away from you, do not pursue her for further conversation -- she is likely not interested and will only become annoyed if you keep trying to talk to her. If she stays near you, however, and looks r smiles at you a lot, then keep up the conversation.

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  • Obviously you aren’t going to be able to have a deep conversation on the dance floor, but if you start a one there, then it could lead to a better one off the dance floor.
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