How to Talk to Girls As Friends

Around puberty, there is a shift in the dynamic between boys and girls. They can go from simply being friends to having awkward relationships, even if neither wants to date the other. It is important for young teenage boys to learn how to talk to young teenage girls as friends. It's a healthy way to learn how to deal with women in the long term, and is great practice for having good dating relationships.

First and foremost, young men need to know that young women are just as nervous and awkward as they are about their bodies and relationships during puberty. It is a hard, emotional time for everyone. The first step to having a friend is being one, and showing empathy for the struggles that each goes through is a great start.

A boy should always remember to talk to a girl just like he talks to his male friends. He just needs to be relaxed and open. However, there is a definite difference in topics of conversation that are appropriate with the opposite sex. While both parties are facing changing hormones and bodies, it is best to shy away from this subject. A young man should keep his conversations with a young woman limited to common interests, such as school, favorite sports teams, fun social events and mutual friends.

One of the best benefits of friendships between young men and women is mutual dating advice. If a young man has a crush on a girl, talking to his female friends might help him form a good idea of how to approach his crush. Additionally, the girl might have important information on the crush, such as her relationship status or her likes and dislikes. This information could prove invaluable in the long run.

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  • Relax and enjoy your friendship. It is supposed to be fun. If a young man does not feel relaxed talking to a girl as a friend, he either has an unrealized crush or he is not yet ready to have friendships with girls.


  • Friendships can lead to dating relationships. The only catch is sometimes friendships can lead to one-sided crushes. It is best to try to keep romantic feelings out of friendships.


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