How to Talk to a Lady

For some men, talking to members of the opposite sex seems to come naturally. For others, knowing what to say to women doesn't come easy. They may wonder if they're saying the right thing or if they sound dumb. While every woman is different and likes different things, there are a few tips any man can follow to have a conversation with a lady that doesn't end badly.

Be yourself. Many women can spot pick-up lines, especially more attractive girls who hear them all the time. You don't have to force yourself to sound witty.

Say hello and introduce yourself. This is a genuine approach and one that many women feel comfortable with. You're not trying too hard and more than likely, the woman you approach will respond in kind.

Be respectful. If you really want to earn points and stay on a lady's good side, you have to show respect. This means not calling her "babe" or "chick" or "sweetheart" if you just met her.

Be friendly. A smile goes a long way toward a good conversation.

Relax. Most women are flattered when a man approaches them. If the guy is nice and respectful, a girl will likely respond the same way.

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  • Look at a woman's face when you talk to her, not her breasts.
  • Every woman you talk to won't become your girlfriend; sometimes, it's nice to talk to girls to get more comfortable talking to them in general.


  • Don't ogle the woman you're talking to. It makes women uncomfortable when they think men are "feeling them up" with their eyes.
  • Don't ever put your hands on a woman you've just met.

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