How to Talk to a Man

Getting a man to listen to you takes some skill.Getting a man to listen to you takes some skill.

Talking to men can be a real head-scratcher for some women. Why? Men think and respond very differently than women. But there are a few basics that make dialogue with a man easy -- no matter if he is your husband or your blind date.

Step 1

Talk slowly. When women get excited about something, they tend to speak very quickly. This makes it hard for anyone, not just a man, to understand them and appreciate or respond to what they say.

Step 2

Use less words. Most men do not use, like to hear, or relate to endless chatter. They are most likely very interested in what you have to say, but prefer it if you use less words to get your point across.

Step 3

Wait for him. Men tend to process things more slowly than women do when in conversation. If you ask a question, don't rush the answer or answer for him if he doesn't respond immediately. Give him a minute to process and think about his response.

Step 4

Be direct. Women mess this up all the time because they think that they can hint at the answer or give him clues about what they'd like him to do or say or give. Men don't want women to be subtle with them -- they want women to say exactly what they want and exactly how they feel. Men will very rarely guess what's on her mind or correlate the cold shoulder she's giving him to something they did wrong yesterday. Be very direct, and talking to a man will be a breeze.

Step 5

Remember that he is not one of the girls. This sounds overly obvious, but it is one of the major problems women have when talking to a man. Men are very rational, so when a woman vents her feelings to him, he will try to solve her problem rather than sympathize with her like her girlfriends do. Learn to expect him to be like that, and it will be less frustrating when he seems "emotionless." Truth is, he is full of emotions for the woman and he thinks offering suggestions to solve the issue is the best way to help her.

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