How to Talk to a Girl That You've Never Talked to Before

Take the plunge as you say hello to that girl you like.Take the plunge as you say hello to that girl you like.

For some reason, the sight of that cute girl from math class in middle school makes you tongue-tied. Saying a simple hello becomes difficult as you wonder just how to form the words before she passes your way and then she is gone before you even made your presence known. Chances are she knows who you are, and if you find the courage to step up, she will most likely respond with a friendly hello. So suck it up as you plunge into your future and take charge of your romantic life.

Schedule the day and time that you will speak to her, as this sets your plan in motion. Choose your clothes for that day in advance and have them freshly pressed. Shower, shave and brush your teeth before leaving home---as woman notice good grooming habits---and style your hair.

Walk so you will cross her path as she is on her way to lunch. Stop before her, look into her eyes, smile and say something like, "Hi, I'm Steve, from your math class and was wondering if you understood today's assignment as I missed the last part of it," to start the conversation rolling.

Listen to her answer so you can pick up a clue for your next statement, which most likely is something like, "Oh, so that's what the teacher meant. Since we have to do this assignment anyway, do you want to meet and do it together later today?"

Smile and wait for her response as you continue looking into her eyes. If she answers yes, then say, "Let me give you my number," as you write it down, "or would you prefer to give me yours so we can set up the time and place to meet?"

But if her answer is no, keep that smile plastered on your face as you look her in the eyes and say, " OK, perhaps another time. Thanks for the information about the assignment. Take care," and then smile once more as you turn and walk away.

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  • Now that you have broken the ice, say hi each day in math class and start commenting on the class, the weather or other school news as you slowly develop a friendship.


  • Not all girls are going to be interested in you, just as not all girls are your type.
  • Keep yourself calm and collected and don't scare her or follow her around.

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