Techniques for Dating

Roses, flowers and small gifts can help to win a woman's heart.Roses, flowers and small gifts can help to win a woman's heart.

There are as many dating techniques as there are sands on the seashore; however, it may be possible to sum up much of the advice from relationship and dating experts. It is important to note that the word "dating" can have a variety of different definitions, ranging from a casual friendly encounter to courtship.

Online Dating

If you are new to an area or are somewhat hesitant about jumping back into the dating game, then online dating may be an easy way for you to meet a few people. According to Online Dating Magazine, more than 20 million people visit one or more online dating services each month. There are a variety of online sites available, some of which emphasize the importance of chemistry or compatibility while others encourage users to email and connect with each other right away.

Meeting People in Person

Find common interest groups, such as sports, clubs, drama groups or community groups, to help you meet new people with similar interests and values as yours. This helps spur conversation, and maybe even sparks, early on in the relationship. It also may lead you to casually ask someone out for a cup of coffee to get to know them better and decide if you want to date them.

Assume Positive Intent

Although there are malicious people who want to use others for their own gain, you can usually identify them after spending a little time with them. Assume that most people are good-natured and struggle with their own issues and insecurities, knowing that you do as well. If you can give people the benefit of the doubt and receive them as innocent until proven guilty, then you won't be as guarded and insecure in what they think about you while pursuing a dating relationship. This helps get you out of the mind games and self-doubt that easily creeps into minds when things don't go as you expect. According to life coach Herman Carter, clear communication about expectations can help others to believe the best about you as you try to return the favor.

Confidence While Out on a Date

According to, one of the most attractive qualities that women seek in men is confidence. However, there is a big difference between assertive confidence and boastful swaggering. Make sure to provide your dating partner a place of emotional safety and security to give them confidence. Increased confidence also can help to spur meaningful conversation and more direct communication, both verbal and nonverbal, while on dates.

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