How to tell if Aries loves you

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Sun Signs are really archetypes and archetypes feature key qualities unique to each Zodiac sign. Many people seek out answers to their love and romance questions through horoscopes. Here are some ways to gauge your lover's interest and true intent via psychic Sun Sign readings.

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Aries is the Go-Getter in the Zodiac. If he or she is your lover, no doubt they've swept you off your feet. If, on the other hand, your romance has become more hum-drum and boring, you may be heading for the friendship table and not the altar. You can tell if an Aries is in love if the initial expression of red-hot passion stays lit, day and night. Aries needs some challenges to keep those embers smoldering; being a bit hard-to-get is important to keep Aries interested. Never let an Aries read your mind. Once you're predictable, you're history.

If Aries wants to do more than romp in bed - like going for Thai food and a new movie, you have an interested Aries in your life. Aries is so passionate, but bores easily. So anytime Aries wants to share an intellectual interest with you (a visit to an art exhibit or a book signing) or join in outdoor fun (skiing, running), you'll find yourself in the love ball park. If Aries includes you in his/her favorite activities, you've reached 2nd base with a good chance for a home run. Remember Aries dislikes routine and the same-old, same-old. Stay on your toes with Aries by coming up with some new restaurants or activities that will appeal to your love.

Aries isn't the most creative when it comes to presents, but if Aries remembers you on Valentine's Day or your one-year dating anniversary, that's a very good sign. Male Aries might opt for the easy bouquet of roses; female Aries for a funny card. Aries can be very creative, but also a bit lazy, so Aries often takes the easy route when it comes to gifts. Don't feel bad. What's important is the fact that Aries wants to celebrate you. And that's one of the ways to tell if Aries loves you.

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  • Sun Signs are also influenced by their rising, moon and planetary influences. That's why some Aries seem different than others - but the main archetype qualities are generally consistent, no matter what the moon or rising signs.
  • Astrology is another way to look at relationships, but no matter what the sign, great communication is the enduring key to long-lasting love.


  • Use Astrology as a guide, not a road map.
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