How to Tell a Date About Kids

Being a mother doesn't have to stop you from dating.Being a mother doesn't have to stop you from dating.

Telling your date about your children can be a fun experience. When you speak of your children you should remain upbeat and excited for your date to eventually meet your children, and you should be boastful about how great your children are. While it can be scary because you don't know how your date might react, telling a date about children can be an exciting time of discovery for your new love interest.

Step 1

Inform your date that you have kids early on. This should be one of the first things your date finds out about you. Your date deserves to know that he's dating someone who comes as a family package. It's important to start any new relationship honestly, and if it's not okay with him, it's best to find this out now and move on. His reaction can help you gauge whether he's a good fit for you and your kids.

Step 2

Reveal that you have children casually in the introductions and stay positive about your children. If you're meeting the person for the first time, you might casually tell your date that you would have been there earlier but you had to drop your two youngsters off at grandmother's house for the evening. Be boastful about how great your children are.

Step 3

Answer questions honestly about your children, who cares for them, who their mother is and how old your children are. You want to find a date who is interested in the real you. Tell them the information they want to know. It's best if you are honest about who you are, not someone who you want them to think you are.

Step 4

Remain positive. Don't air out your dirty laundry on the first date when you're revealing to your date that you have children. No first date wants to listen to you go on and on about what a jerk your significant others were and why they are losers now. Save that kind of talk for your close friends.

Step 5

Ask your date how he feels about you having kids. Get his honest opinion about you being a mother. This is your chance to find out what he feels about kids, but also how he feels about his future. Knowing these things early isn't moving too fast. On the contrary, it's helping you make wise decisions about dating for yourself as well as your children.

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