How to Tell If You Are Dating a Control Freak

As with most things in life, you do not really know what you have gotten yourself into until it is too late. Many people do not realize that they are dating a control freak until it is too late. By the time that they can tell that their other half is a control freak; they are in a long term, serious relationship. It would be much easier if we could all see the warning signs of our dates being control freaks before we commit our hear and long term happiness to them. Now you can tell the warning signs that your date is a control freak.

When you realize that it is either your date's way or the highway. All relationships need to have a certain amount of give and take. People in relationships know that they must compromise to make both people in their relationship truly happy. A control freak will not know or agree that they should give up any ground on their ideas. If you choose not to go along with the control freak that you are dating's thoughts and actions, you will usually be shown the door in the relationship.

The person that you are dating believes in sticking to a rigid schedule in life as well as any dates that they may go on. Some sort of schedule is ok, and gives you a plan of where your life is going. The control freak is rigid to the point of not even wanting to discuss changing the schedule or adding to it. There have been countless movies highlighting the heart broken woman that is dating the man with the 5 year plan. That is how his and her life will go for 5 years while they are dating.

A control freak will judge the behavior of the person that they are dating repeatedly. They believe that no one is good enough with their actions to be in a relationship. Even when they are in a relationship, their judgment of every action that their partner takes will result in them sabotaging their relationship in the end.

If you are dating a control freak, you have a few choices to make. You have to decide if you can hold your own, while you are in a relationship with this person. If you really are in love with this person that is a control freak, you may want to look into giving the relationship a go. The best thing to do if you choose this option is to go into the relationship with your eyes open.

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