How to Tell If You Really Are Falling In Love

Look for signs that you are falling in love.Look for signs that you are falling in love.

Falling in love is an amazing thing, but sometimes it's hard to tell if what you are feeling is really love. While there is no one way to be sure that your emotions are feelings of love, there are a few hints to help you figure it out. Here are some things to think about when deciding if the passion you feel is really love, or just lust or infatuation.

Step 1

Do you smile constantly when your lover is near? Does your heart race and your stomach feel like it's full of butterflies? If you find yourself in a constant state of bliss whenever you talk to your partner or see her, you may be in love. When someone makes you feel happy and giddy, you want to be around her all the time. Yes, this can happen in the very beginning before you really know each other, but it can also help you determine if your relationship has you falling in love.

Step 2

Do you find yourself thinking of your partner every chance you get? When you love someone, he is always on your mind. You think about him day and night and can't wait to see him again. Depending on how long you've been dating, you may even be thinking about your future with this person. When you start putting your lover in your future plans, you just might be falling in love.

Step 3

Do you make yourself available so you can see your lover? If you find yourself making time for her and want to always be there for her, you're probably falling in love. A person in love wants to be available to see his partner, and she does the same in return. Things you used to do seem so unimportant and your lover now comes first.

Step 4

Do you find yourself talking about him all the time? If your lover's name comes up in just about every conversation you have with friends or family, you might be falling in love. When you love someone, you talk about him every chance you get because he's always on your mind.

Step 5

Do want your lover to meet the people you care about? When you are in love, you want all the people in your life to meet that special person and get to know her. You want to bring your partner around and make her a part of your life. When your partner is someone that you want around others that you care about, you are surely falling in love.

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  • Knowing you're in love is not easy -- trust your feelings to tell you.
  • You can use these same tips to find out if someone is falling in love with you -- she wants to see you a lot, talk to you all the time and be near you often.

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