How to Tell If a Girl Is Attracted to You in the Work Place

Tell If a Girl Is Attracted to You in the Work PlaceTell If a Girl Is Attracted to You in the Work Place

Trying to figure out if a girl likes you is hard enough, but trying to determine if your co-worker likes you is an even bigger challenge for several reasons. First, you are required to work with and talk with people in order to complete your tasks. This requires at least professional if not nice dialogue with one another. You may even have to work on a team with people one on one. Secondly, you seem them nearly everyday which can make it difficult to discern familiarity from interest. There is also the chance that you share an office or work space with her which again can breed familiarity. However, there are several tools you can use to help you figure out if she has interest.

Observe how she talks with other people. If she is naturally bubbly with everyone she may not have any interest in you.

Watch her body language towards you as well as others. Crossing her arms means that she is closing herself off, while leaning towards you as she talks may indicate that she's comfortable close to you.

Pay attention to the reasons she talks to you. Going out of her way to talk to you, business conversation laced with small talk and personal information are all signs of a desire to talk to you.

Initiate small talk and pay attention to her responses. Extra interest in what you say, laughing at simple jokes and responding back to you with excitement are signs of interest.

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  • No two women or men for that manner are the same and therefore there is no true rule book for determining interest.
  • Ultimately the best way to know for sure is to ask.


  • Be careful not to read into something that is not there. This could end a nice working relationship.
  • Be careful with office romances if they turn sour; you still have to work with her.
  • Check your work handbook as some companies are very specific on office relationships.

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