How to Tell If a Woman's in Love

An increase in smiles, laughter and physical touch can all be signs that she is in love.An increase in smiles, laughter and physical touch can all be signs that she is in love.

Maybe it's the twinkle in her eyes, her smile, or the way she touches your arm when she talks. Whatever it is, you know that she is in love with you. Or at least, you think she is. How can you be certain? You can usually be sure a woman is in love if she increases communication with you, shows interest in what you like, acts childish and maternal, and talks about the future.

Better Communication

You'll notice a big increase in communication.

At the beginning of a courtship, a woman may try to limit communication with a man that she likes in an effort to not seem desperate. When she is in love and feeling more secure in a relationship, her communication with you will drastically increase. Social psychologist Zick Rubin writes that romantic love includes the need for attachment and intimacy. Increased and deeper verbal communication, including sharing of thoughts and feelings, is entailed in Rubin's theory of love. You will notice more calls from her. If something funny or interesting happens in her day, she will usually shoot you a text or picture. When you call her, you will be able to "hear" the smile in her voice.

She Shows Interest in What You Like

She'll show interest in things you love.

A woman in love will try to get to know her love interest as much as she can. She'll provide you with her utmost attention and ask questions about your likes, dislikes, favorites, interests and hobbies. You can really tell a woman is in love if she goes a step further to participate in or initiate activities that reflect your hobbies and interests, especially ones that she did not like before. So, if she sits down with you to cheer on your favorite soccer team when when she had no prior interest in soccer, you'll know that you have won her heart.

She'll Act Childish and Maternal

She'll want to be taken care of and take care of you.

Acting childish and maternal are contradictory in nature, but a woman in love will tend to exhibit both of these behaviors. You'll notice that she's more willing to let her guard down by speaking in a "cute" manner with you or acting silly. This shows that she sees you as provider and someone that can love, care and cherish her. At other times, she'll act maternal, wanting to protect you from any harm or hurt. According to Dr. Susan Whitbourne, you can tell your woman loves you if she helps you when you need it; she will come to your rescue, care for you when you're sick or comfort you when you're angry or upset.

She Talks about the Future

She'll start to include you in her dreams for the future.

A woman in love will not be able to resist talking about a future with you. At first it may be subtle, in the form of teasing or joking, but when she senses that you reciprocate the love, her references to the future will become more obvious. She'll speak about how many kids she wants or where she wants to live. When she starts saying "we" instead of "I" when speaking about the future, you know she's head over heels.

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