How to Tell a Guy Your Feelings for Him

While it can be difficult to express romantic feelings, it is often necessary if you plan to convert your fantasy relationship into reality. Why sit around and wait for love to just “happen” when you have some control over the situation? Telling a guy you have feelings for him is not the impossible feat many make it out to be. Taking the time to prepare could be the difference between being in a relationship and dreaming of being in one.

Sort out your feelings for the guy. Determine whether your feelings are more romantic or more primal in nature. This is important in order to prepare yourself for the discussion that will take place after your feelings are revealed. There should be no confusion about the way you feel for the guy, if you expect to be able to properly express the feelings to him. True feelings, not jealousy or anger, should be the driving force behind your romantic revelations.

Use the direct approach. While it may be possible for the guy to decipher your feelings through your actions or body language, it is more advantageous for you to make your feelings unmistakable. The guy should not have to guess how you feel about him. Remember that others may be plotting for the same guy’s attention and affection. Not being open and direct may cost you the relationship you desire or even put you into the “friend zone.”

Choose a communication method. Writing a letter could be the best approach if you’re not great at face to face encounters. You could also express your feeling through a song, poem or other creative outlet. Whatever method you choose, it is important that your feelings are correctly and confidently communicated. Avoid having a friend do the talking for you. Now is not the time to crawl into your shell. You must take control of your own relationship destiny.

Pick an appropriate delivery time. A minute before the big game is not the most opportune moment to express your romantic feelings. Choose a time when the guy is able to focus on your message and possibly discuss his reactions. You should also take his personal life into consideration. It could be hazardous to your relationship interests if you attempt to break up his existing romantic relationship.

Prepare for any follow up questioning. Although awkward, it may be necessary to repeat your initial expressions. Once your big secret is out, you must be able to defend your position with poise and confidence. Clearly express you feelings as well as any desire for a relationship with the guy.

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  • Fear of rejection is not an acceptable excuse when it comes to revealing your feelings to a guy.


  • Remember that your romantic feelings can be discussed with others once revealed.

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