How to Tell if a Guy has a Crush on You

Guys are simple creatures. Whether they are shy or outgoing, they all send out signals whether they like a girl or not. There are natural tendencies that men exhibit instinctually that are biologically imprinted into their genes. Cool right? Now there's some kind of scientific proof that helps us decode the opposite sex!

When talking to a guy, pay attention to their stance. A man typically leans into a person slightly if they are listening intently. They also position themselves in the most flattering way. For example, a guy tends to stand up straight (i.e taller) to make themselves look bigger. This allow them to look more "macho" in front of the girl they like. It's a male ego behavior, to show to a female he is physically fit and can protect her. On the other hand, if a man is standing with his arms crossed and constantly shifting their body, they are sending clues that they are either uncomfortable or uninterested.

If you want to know if a guy likes you look into his eyes! It is the easiest of portals to tell his innermost thoughts. There is no specific one look that gives away whether he is infatuated by you. It is one of those signals that you will just KNOW when you see it. A guy is not subtle when it comes to making eye contact with someone he likes. One hint if your boggled .... he'll stare into your eyes until YOU look down. A man who is attracted to a female usually gazes a long time into a woman's eye than naturally. It means he is conscientiously trying to look at you.

Does he slightly change his personality towards you? Sometimes guys get nervous and they stutter or laugh awkwardly. Some get quiet. Some get loud. Each guy is different in the way he tries to draw a woman's attention. It is your job to figure out if the way he is acting is because of your presence.

If you see him more often than usual, he might be hinting he's trying to be near you more! He might be finding a way to approach you. So if you start seeing him 5 more times than normal in a day, maybe it's time to stop thinking it's "coincidence".

Watch how he acts around you and your friends. Has he gotten a sudden curiosity about either of you? Men know the best way to a girl's heart is her friends. Impressing the friends means a good word in for you.

Finally here are some easy hints that any girl knows about a guy. He'll smile at you when he sees you, he'll sneak peaks at you when he thinks your not looking, and he'll never be too busy to help you out with a favor. What's the most obvious of clues? He'll ask you out silly!

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  • Be careful not to read too into signals! The most dangerous thing to do is to over analyze what a guy does. Remember: Guys keep things simple ..... it's us girls who like to play hard to get!

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