How to Tell If a Guy Isn't Interested in You

Find out if he's just not that into you.Find out if he's just not that into you.

If you have a burning desire for a person but you are uncertain that he feels the same way, you can find out if he's interested. No one enjoys mind games, and you deserve to know what a guy honestly thinks of you. Find out if the one you like is interested or if he's just playing along and is too afraid to turn you down.

Notice his response to your advances. Keeping you at a distance is one important sign that shows he is not into you. Others are if phone calls go unanswered, he does not call back until a day or two later or if he hardly shows any sign of physical interaction. If flirting or conversation ends quickly on his part when you two are together, it is often a sign that the spark is not there.

Tally up the excuses. Does he make an excuse every time you want to hang out? Staying occupied with other "important" matters and making you last on his list is another way of brushing you off. A date canceled at the last minute is also not a good sign of someone who enjoys your company.

Watch if he brings his friends along when you meet. Bringing his friends along the majority of the time when you want one-on-one time with him is another way of telling he really does not want to get to know you at a certain level. This is true when dates are centered around what he and his friends enjoy doing the most and if you end up just tagging along to different places.

Engage his eyes. Lack of eye contact with you while talking is not a good thing. A guys who is smitten by a girl loves to look her in the eyes, as it is one way of saying that he really likes her. If his eyes shift around and hardly settle on you, you are not getting his full attention. Gestures say everything about a person and if you are getting a negative reaction, his interest in you is hardly there.

Analyze the conversation. Talking about other women a lot whenever he is around you means he's not into you. This can be painful to hear especially when you are attracted to a guy and all he talks about is other females, how attractive they are or if he has a crush on one. While it may seem perfectly normal to have crushes and to find another person good-looking, it can be a blow to the heart if he never compliments you or says the same things he does about other women.

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  • If your heart is warning you that a guy is not showing interests, listen to it.
  • Any guy who acts disinterested toward you should get the cold shoulder, too.
  • Bluntly ask him if he likes you if you want to stop the head games.


  • Do not pursue a person who isn't attracted to you or else it will leave you with a broken heart.

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