How to Tell a Guy You're Not Interested After a First Date

A second date is a possibility only when you enjoy the first date.A second date is a possibility only when you enjoy the first date.

Dating is often the only way to get to know a potential partner. First dates can be seen as a test of whether or not there is any possibility two people may begin a relationship. If the date goes well and you both feel a chemistry, then future dates can help you both decide how far to take the relationship. Many times, however, a first date shows that, one or the other of the people involved is not comfortable with continuing.

Step 1

Tell him in person that night as you are leaving each other, or wait until the next day and tell him on the phone. This takes more courage than telling him in email or via a text message, but is more respectful and considerate.

Step 2

Explain clearly that you just are not interested in going out with him again. He may want to know reasons why. Be honest but tactful. You can say, for example, that the chemistry just was not there for you.

Step 3

Thank him, using a sincere tone of voice, for the date. Tell him anything you can think of he did that you appreciated, such as flowers or dinner.

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  • Telling a guy you’re not interested after a first date is sometimes uncomfortable, but it is better to do it quickly than to lead him to believe he has a chance.
  • Remember that going out on a date is not like making a promise. You shouldn’t feel guilty for telling him you are not interested.
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