How to Tell if a Guy is Scared

Commitment is frightening to some guys.Commitment is frightening to some guys.

Relationships often fail due to differing expectations between both people involved. One person may be hoping for a more serious commitment and the other gets scared away as a result of the more intense expectations. Communication is key to getting through those types of difficulties but it can be challenging to raise those issues if the other person is reluctant to talk about them. Seeing that a guy is scared in a relationship requires some patience and investigation to get to the truth.

Observe the guy's habits, communication and behavior. If his behavior suddenly changes or his communication dwindles, it is indicative that he may be getting cold feet.

Listen to what he tells you. If he starts expressing doubts about the relationship, a desire to slow down the progression or otherwise expresses concern, he is probably getting intimidated about how the relationship is progressing.

Ask him if he is scared or apprehensive. If you can't communicate your concerns and thoughts effectively, the relationship may need to take a step back until you can. Ask for his feelings and impressions and he may surprise you with an honest response.

Examine his body language. Much of human communication is non verbal. If he isn't meeting your gaze consistently or is turning his chest away from you slightly, it often indicates that he is uncomfortable or nervous.

Compare his current behavior to how he usually acts. If he is normally gregarious and is suddenly quiet around you, it could indicate that he is scared in the relationship. If he is normally quiet and is suddenly making an effort to be more outgoing, it's possible he is trying to cover something up.

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  • Be patient in discovering the guy's feelings. Some men are reluctant to admit they're scared. Be gentle and patient as you encourage him to honestly discuss his feelings.

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