How to Tell He's Into You

Find out if he wants more than just friendship.Find out if he wants more than just friendship.

When you're interested in a guy, it can drive you absolutely mad wondering how he feels about you and if he returns your feelings. If you feel too intimidated and shy to ask him outright how he feels, you may spend your days and nights trying to analyze all of his actions and words looking for hidden meaning. Save yourself the energy, heartache and time and learn how to spot things that signify pure attraction.

Analyze his eye contact. It is human nature to look at things we find aesthetically pleasing. If you repeatedly notice a guy keeps looking your way, it probably is a sign that he finds you attractive. Also, take note of his eye contact in conversation. If he locks eyes with you in a fixed and intense manner, it could be a sign that he is trying to establish a connection with you.

Ask yourself if he keeps popping up everywhere you go. When a guy is into a girl, he goes out of his way to see her. For example, if a guy you like knows you enjoy studying in the library on Tuesday afternoons and somehow always manages to turn up then, it's an indication he wants to be around you. For the most part, the guy will probably pretend the whole thing is coincidental to save himself from potential embarrassment (and from coming across like a stalker).

Ponder whether he seems to care about who you are as a person. If a guy seems genuinely fascinated by you and wants to learn more about you, it is a telltale sign he likes you. When you answer his questions, ask yourself if he seems engaged and truly interested in what you have to say, whether you are discussing your love of playing violin or your plans to apply for graduate school.

Consider whether he is trying to get to know your friends. One tactic guys often employ to win girls over is developing a rapport with their friends. If a guy gets to know the objection of his affection's friends, it can help him learn things to get ahead, including her favorite bands, hangouts and foods. If your best friend tells your crush that you enjoy Italian food, he will know exactly where to take you on your first date.

Observe his body language. When it comes to physical attraction, body language does not lie. Some physical signs that a guy is into a girl include bigger pupils, leaning into her, head tilting, sweating palms, raised eyebrows, playing with his hair, straight posture and smiling.

Determine whether he goes out of his way to make you feel special. If you're surrounded by a bunch of girls, think about who he gravitates toward. If a guy makes a beeline to you and acts as if you are the only girl around, then you likely have his heart. Also, pay attention to signs he may just be trying to make you feel jealous. If you see him talking to another girl but notice he keeps looking at you from the corner of his eye, he likes you and wants to gauge your reaction.

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