How to Tell If He's Flirting

Is he flirting?Is he flirting?

Guys can be flirts just like girls. Some of them are excellent at it, and they can leave you feeling like you are walking on air for the rest of the day. Men have certain ways they flirt, just like women do. But remember, not all men are exactly the same. Flirt back anyway and see what happens.

Notice if he keeps eye contact with you when he is talking to you. Do his stares linger a little longer than they need to? This means he is interested in you. The eyes often reveal the flirt inside.

Ask yourself if he goes out of his way to help you. For example, a waiter at a restaurant may be flirting with you if he is often coming back to fill your water or check on you--more than just working for a good tip. A sales clerk at a hardware store may be flirting with you if he takes you to the aisle where you need something and stays with you to show you the best products. Your neighbor may be flirting with you if he sees you outside doing work and he offers to lend a helping hand.

Pay attention to his conversation. Is he offering more than one-word answers when he talks to you? Is he keeping the conversation going by asking you questions or starting new topics? When he talks to you, is he full of compliments or stories that make him seem like the nicest guy in the world? Think about the answers to these questions. When guys flirt, they are putting their best foot forward so that you will like them and flirt back.

Think about if he touches you when he is talking to you. Men will put their arm around you, touch your wrist or your hand, and even playfully hit you. Think about the little boy in elementary school. When he likes a girl, he will often tease her and pull her pigtails. This is a fourth-grader's way of flirting. When guys grow up, they still flirt with physical contact--it's just a bit nicer.

Look at his smile. Is it genuine and does it light up his whole face? Flirting requires sincere smiling. This is definitely a way to tell if he is flirting with you.

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  • Bring your best flirting game, and if you are getting a response, he is most likely flirting in return.


  • When a guy buys you a drink at a bar, this can be a type of flirting. But watch out: Flirting in a bar can be dangerous if you don't use common sense. Never leave a bar with a guy you don't know, no matter how nice or flirty he seemed during the evening.
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