How to Tell If Your Man Is Getting Bored With You

Boredom may cause irritability or distance in the relationship.Boredom may cause irritability or distance in the relationship.

Boredom in a relationship may appear suddenly and with very little warning. When it arrives, a partner's interest in the relationship begins to diminish, affecting both parties involved. A recent event or a pattern of previous events may lead to this stagnation in the relationship. After determining whether your man is bored with you, pinpoint the reason and search for a solution to rejuvenate the relationship with your partner.

Pay close attention to the time you and your man spend together. If he appears busier than usual and spends less personal or intimate time with you, he may be losing interest in the relationship. Note dates and events he breaks or avoids scheduling with you and what excuses he uses when doing so. Speak with him to determine the reason behind these excuses and distancing. If he appears secretive or irritable when asked, he may show his loss of interest by determining that these reasons do not concern you.

Note your current level of physical contact with your partner. If in the beginning, the two of you held hands and hugged constantly, pay attention to whether or not it is still a common affection. If your relationship consisted of constant signs of affection but has diminished to less than holding hands, he may be distancing himself from you due to his boredom. Distancing himself from you in public or in front of friends and family may also suggest his lack of interest.

Determine the length of time it takes him to return your calls or text messages. Indicators of his boredom may result in returning them within long periods, such as days or even weeks. Pay attention to times he promises to call or text you back to see if he keeps his promise. If he does not, he may see other activities or interests are more important than your relationship with one another.

Note any physical or mental changes with your man that seems out of the ordinary. If he is spending more time with his friends and going out to certain places without you, such as bars, he may be looking for someone else to direct his interest towards. If he is spending more time with his guy friends at places such as bars or clubs, he may be looking for someone else to relieve his boredom.

Determine his disengagement to the relationship by how he may be altering his appearance to a more clean or stylish dress. He may even talk differently when around you such as using new words or carefully choosing his words before speaking them.

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