How to Tell When a Man Is Lying to You

Relationships are hard especially if you think the other person is lying. There are, however, several signs that someone is lying, and a basic understanding of body language and behavior provides clues.Through observation and a little intuition, you too can tell if a man is lying or telling you the truth.


Watch and learn your man's facial expressions. When he lies his body will react in a certain way. People often have a "tell" that shows you that they are lying. Some men act nervously if they lie.

Take note of his voice. If he is lying, he could raise the pitch or tone of his voice. Some men will even laugh.

Note his response time to your questions. If he has to think of a lie, he will hesitate before he answers. Alternately, if he responds too quickly to your questions, he could have created his response prior to your conversation.

Look to see if your boyfriend or husband covers his mouth or rubs his face. These are classic indicators that he is lying. Take note if this happens more often during a conversation.

Watch for tensing of the body. For example, he could pull up his shoulders or clench teeth. Both are signs of nervous energy or possible lying. If he seems stressed or tense, he could be hiding something.

Notice if your man flares his nostrils by opening them wider when talking. This could indicate lying.

Note his forehead when he talks. Scrunching his forehead could be another sign of lying.

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Things You Will Need

  • Keen observation skills


  • Eye contact varies for liars. Any time a person looks away while talking, without having an obvious reason, the person could be lying. If your man squints or closes his eyes he could be concentrating on telling the lie.


  • Body language is not an exact science, and there is disagreement about what body language signals indicate lying. It is open to interpretation. A man may act nervous or tense around you because he really likes you. Additionally, he could be lying to hide something from you such as a surprise.
  • Trust your gut. If you feel like he is lying, he probably is. But know your guy's behavior because the opposite could be true as well.

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