How to Tell If the Relationship Won't Last

Look for signs that your relationship is going nowhere.Look for signs that your relationship is going nowhere.

If you are in a relationship and feel that something just isn't quite right, you are most likely onto something. Many people find themselves in the unhealthy situation of remaining in dead-end relationships, even when they are fully aware that they are not happy and that they don't want to spend the rest of their lives with the other person. Learn how to identify key signs that your relationship doesn't have much more life left in it.

Ask yourself if you are bored. In the beginning of a relationship, you probably were excited to see your boyfriend. You may have even counted down the hours until your next date. However, those things can change -- and quickly. If you are bored with your relationship and cannot envision it going anywhere, then the situation is probably doomed. You have already moved on in your heart.

Think about how much time you spend with your partner. If you never see your girlfriend anymore, it's probably because both of you, simply put, do not care enough to make the time for each other. If you find that you have been spending more and more time at work, participating in other activities or with friends, and less and less time with your significant other, it is probably because you are not feeling as connected with your girlfriend. Relationships thrive when both parties invest a lot of time and effort in the other.

Consider whether cheating has been in the picture. If either you or your boyfriend has cheated, the prognosis for the relationship isn't too hot. Very few relationships are able to get past the stresses of cheating. If you and your boyfriend want to deal with the cheating issue and put it in the past, however, a lot of time, patience and effort will be necessary.

Analyze your goals. Incompatibility when it comes to what you want out of life is a major indication that a relationship is not to last. For example, if you want children and your girlfriend does not, or vice versa, your relationship probably doesn't have much of a future. These goals also do not necessarily even have to be about the big things in life --- they could be about things as small as what you like to watch on television at night.

Think about how often you fight. If you find that you and your boyfriend fight more than ever, even over the pettiest of issues, then it is probably because both of you are frustrated and want out of the relationship, even if you aren't necessarily aware of it. If your fights are abusive or especially angry, it can point to the fact that thoughtfulness and consideration are no longer important elements in your relationship, which usually means that the relationship is over.

Determine whether having time along is a priority for you. If you and your girlfriend are longing for alone time away from each other, the relationship is not long for this world. If you would rather be by yourself doing nothing than with your significant other, the relationship is at this point, essentially, meaningless.

Think about how much you care. If you have no interest in impressing your boyfriend anymore (and vice versa), the relationship is over. If you don't care if you look like a slob in front of your boyfriend and make no effort to impress him, you simply have lost all interest in the relationship.

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  • Trust your instincts. If you suspect that your relationship is doomed, for whatever reason, then that means it probably is. Believe in your gut and do what your heart tells you.

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