How to Tell if Scorpio Men Are in Love

The Scorpio man is generous, loyal and emotionally intense -- especially when he's in love.The Scorpio man is generous, loyal and emotionally intense -- especially when he's in love.

The Scorpio man is self-confident, emotionally intense and extremely curious, says They will want to know all your secrets, but being secretive themselves, they won’t necessarily share theirs. However, there are some signs that even he can’t hide when he’s in love.

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He’s pulling out all the stops. The Scorpio man is extremely competitive and loves to -- in fact, must -- win, says Resistance is likely to be useless, as Scorpio men will generally stop at nothing to get the thing, or person, they desire and, being skilled competitors, there's a fair chance they will have won you over before you've even realized the game has begun.

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He’s loyal as a puppy. The Scorpio man is fiercely loyal to the people he cares for, says So if he’s protective of you in public and stands up for you in a heated debate, or when he believes you’re being wronged, he may well be in love with you. And when he decides you’re the one, he’s not likely to disappear any time soon. Due to their loyalty, Scorpio men are prone to few, but very intense, relationships.

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He’s prone to jealousy. Part of the complex Scorpio-man package is having to take the highs of supreme loyalty with the lows of jealousy, says It may be that he gets suspicious if you don’t show the same degree of loyalty, or that his emotional intensity means he needs the drama, or that his insatiable curiosity gets the better of him -- either way, if the green-eyed monster rears its head, love could well be in the air.

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