How to Tell if She Is Attracted to You

Women often signal their attraction with body language.Women often signal their attraction with body language.

You walk into a room and see a woman you find attractive. You approach her and start talking. You think she is attracted to you, but how do you really know? Dating is hard, but trying to figure out if she is attracted to you can be even harder. Fortunately, there are some tell-tale signs to watch for.

Step 1

Look into her eyes. Research from the University of Chicago suggests that a woman's eyes will open wider as she becomes attracted to you. As she opens her eyes wider, her pupils will get larger. Look into her eyes to see if this is the case. Take note at her eye color too and make mention. This will help build rapport.

Step 2

Look at her feet and note where her feet are pointed. Experts say that, subconsciously, women tend to point their feet toward a man whom they find attractive. This can be especially helpful in a group setting. Again, making mention of her shoes will help to build rapport.

Step 3

Make note of her posture and how she stands. Body language accounts for as much as 80 percent of communication, according to experts, and a woman will tend to lean toward someone she finds attractive. Women also tend to get at least slightly closer to a man whom they feel safe around, again suggesting some attraction. Also, if she is looking around the room, leans away, or perhaps keeps checking her watch.... it may not be a good sign.

Step 4

Pay attention to what she does with her hands, especially if she touches her face. Woman tend touch touch their face when they are attracted to a man. It is a subconscious way that women bring attention to facial features, such as her eyes or smile. Again, this is another opportune time to make mention of a beautiful feature.

Step 5

Just ask her already! The absolute best way to find out if she is attracted to you is to ask them out. Don't be too aggressive, but after talking to her a bit and noting some of the signs above, ask her for a date. If she is interested, she will accept, and the conversation can continue. If she is not, she will likely be flattered by your offer, and you can move on to another attractive woman.

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  • Be nice, polite, and intersting
  • Note body language
  • Continue the conversation while noting body language
  • Don't be afraid to ask her out
  • If there is no attraction, just be polite and move on politely


  • Try not to stare at her eyes, feet or other body parts.

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